With JustOne Card™, 1O1O brings you the convenience of two numbers on a single SIM for your communication needs while roaming in China.

Privileges of 1O1O JustOne Card™
  • Receive calls/SMS on both numbers
    Receive voice calls & SMS on both your Hong Kong and China mobile numbers around the world.
  • More roaming savings
    With our simplified pricing mechanism, roaming call charges are only HK$ 0.98 per minute when calling to other china cities from Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai.
  • Access to 3G mobile data
    Enjoy the convenience of 3G mobile data and stay connected#.

Importance notice: True Identity Registration required for using China mobile numbers

China Unicom Service Charges
JustOne Card™ Service Call Charge
Privileges of 1O1O JustOne Card™ Plan
Monthly Fee $98^
Voice call minutes
(only applicable to receiving calls and making calls to HK/China numbers in special zones#)
Charge: $0.98/min
Mobile data roaming charge in China:
- Mobile data**
Retrieval of Voicemail and Calling Buit-in Secretarial Service
Your Location Voicemail Number Secretarial Service
Hong Kong
+852 9886 6622
Hong Kong
+852 7xxx xxxx
Guangdong / Shanghai / Beijing zone $0.98 $0.98
Outside Guangdong / Shanghai / Beijing zone $5 $5
Incoming Call Diverted to Voicemail/Built-In Secretarial Service Call Charge
Your Location (HK$/min)
If you are located in China $0.98
If you are located in Overseas (including Hong Kong) $0.98
Other Charges
Other charges In special zones# Rest of China
Incoming calls (per minute) Charge: $0.98/min $5 / min
Receiving by your HK/ China number
Outgoing calls (per minute)
To HK and China number
To numbers of other countries Standard roaming charges
SMS (per SMS)
Receiving (by HK/China number) Free
Sending to HK number Standard roaming SMS charge + intra/inter SMS charge
Sending to China or other countries numbers Standard roaming SMS charge + international SMS charge

^ You are required to subscribe for a Minimum Contract Period for 12 months in order to enjoy the service at this fee.
# Special zones cover Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuoshan, Zhuhai, Shaoguan, Dongguan, Zhanjiang, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Shantou, Jiangmen, Shunde, Jieyang,Chaozhou, Meizhou, Qingyuan, Maoming, Yangjiang, Heyuan and Shanwei, etc.)
** Mobile data service covers all China


Special Terms and Conditions for the provision of the 1O1O JustOne Card China Unicom Service ("Service") by CSL Limited ("we / us / our"):

  1. These Special Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the Mobile Service Agreement (“Agreement”) and form an integral part of the Agreement. In consideration of us offering the Mobile Service and/or the above offer, you agree to subscribe to the Mobile Service subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement and these Special Term and Conditions.
  2. The Service allows you to use the mobile services of China Unicom (“Participating Operator”) in Guangdong zone, Shanghai and Beijing (“Participating Operator’s Territories”) as per the usage scenarios indicated in the Service Charges table above and as may be specified by us from time to time. You understand and agree that you will be charged standard roaming call charges plus a surcharge (if applicable) for receiving call and making outgoing calls when you are located outside the Participating Operator’s Territories, as indicated in the Service Charges table above.
  3. By subscribing to the Card , you will be provided with a JustOne Card and a JustOne Card Phone Number in the Participating Operator’s Territories. Only one JustOne Card Phone Number may be associated with your registered 1O1O Hong Kong Mobile Number.
  4. Call charges are calculated on a 1-minute incremental basis. Any usage of less than 1 minute will be counted as 1 minute.
  5. A HK$0.98 per minute extra charge "Outside Region Connection Fee" applies to all incoming calls received via the China secondary number made outside of China Unicom's network coverage.
  6. Standard roaming charges apply when call forwarding, sending SMS, MMS and using GPRS or other mobile data services outside of Hong Kong.
  7. For details on local airtime, standard roaming and IDD call charges, please refer to our 1O1O website.
  8. You understand that the Service is provided by us in conjunction with the Participating Operator. Sometimes a Participating Operator’s network may not be available for the Service or you may be connected to the mobile services of other roaming service providers. As far as practicable, the name of the roaming service provider will be displayed on your handset screen. You understand that by using the mobile services of the other roaming service providers, the applicable Service Charges of the Service will no longer apply and you agree to pay us the relevant usage Charges as may be imposed by the other roaming service providers. For details on the usage Charges of other roaming service providers, please refer to our 1O1O website.
  9. You agree to pay all Charges (whether charged by a third party or us in connection with any products or services acquired from third parties whilst using the Service, or which are delivered to, your Mobile Equipment when using the Service.
  10. In the event you terminate the Service but wish to continue using our other Mobile Services, you must return to us the JustOne Card so it may be replaced with another SIM card. You understand and agree that you will continue to pay the Service Charges associated with the Service until the JustOne Card has been returned to us.
  11. You agree that you do not acquire any rights in any JustOne Phone Number which may be used in the Participating Operator’s Territories and that any such numbers cannot be ported to any other network.