1O1O China-HK-Macau Service Plan

1O1O China-HK-Macau Service Plan allows you to enjoy 1O1O quality network and
roaming services in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

1O1O China-HK-Macau Service Plan
Commitment period 24 months
Monthly fee (SIM connection) *
$339 $439 $589
Monthly fee (Device connection) *
$569 $659 $869
Local voice call minutes Unlimited
Local mobile and roaming
mobile data usage
(For sharing in Hong Kong, Mainland China & Macau)
8GB 12GB 20GB
Thereafter charges for
local mobile and
roaming mobile data
Local Wi-Fi usage# Unlimited(Over 20,000 hotspots)
Roaming voice minutes (Min) Make local calls, Receiving calls and making
outgoing calls to Hong Kong
(a) Roam into China: :$1.8/min or
(Extra monthly fee of $10 for 50 minutes
roaming voice in China)+
(b) Roam into Macau: Deduct from local
voice call minutes
Always-Be-Connected Data Pass Fixed daily charge at $88-$178
(Excluding China and Macau)
International SMS 10
MMS 200
Local Intra-network SMS 500
Call Management Voice Mail, Call Forwarding Package,
Caller Number Display, Call Waiting,
Conference Call
Clubpoints Rewards (SIM connection)
$3,000 Clubpoints^ $5,000 Clubpoints^
Clubpoints Rewards (Device connection) $2,000 Clubpoints^
Roaming privileges for 1O1O subscribers
Connected to Wi-Fi provides
unlimited roaming voice calls
to Hong KongΔ
Mainland mobile number enables
you to receive and send SMS to
register any services in China easily@
Payment Service
Compatible with
171010 personal assistant
1O1O subscribers can call and inquire
*100171010* for free when travelling abroad
Complimentary value-added service
"Norton Mobile Security service"
Equipour mobile device with all-round protectiona

Call the 1O1O Product Hotline on 2988 1010
or visit a 1O1O Center for details

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