1O1O direct carrier billing service – MyCard

You can use MyCard Points to top-up mobile and PC games at promotional prices. csl and MyCard often collaborate with hero game developers to provide virtual items, plus rebates of MyCard Points.

You can now use 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing service when making purchases with MyCard Points. Simply have charges transferred to your monthly bill after making purchases.


MyCard Points


MyCard provides users the access to pay for more than 1,000 digital content worldwide.
The safe and easy features of MyCard allow users to purchase premium contents of Mobile and Online games, with a stable and guaranteed customer service.

30 Points – 5,000 Points
30 Points – 2,990 Points

Use your phone to open link below for details


Purchase MyCard via 1O1O App

Step 1
Select the MyCard Points you need at the purchase page

Step 2
Confirm Transaction Details

Step 3
View the card number and password after purchase

Step 4
Click the button to claim your MyCard Points


More MyCard details



1O1O Direct Carrier Billing (MyCard) Terms and Conditions:
1. All MyCard Points cannot be returned, refunded, resold, transferred, and exchanged for cash and/or other gifts.
2. All MyCard products and services are provided by MyCard. Prevailing MyCard Terms & Conditions apply.
3. CSL Mobile Limited (「CSL」) is not the supplier of MyCard Points, and makes no representation or guarantee as to its quality and accepts no liability for any matters arising from or in relation to same. Any dispute or complaint in connection with MyCard Points will be referred to MyCard.
4. The Service is subject to a monthly limit in any calendar month for each service plan as below:
Duration subscribed to 1O1O service plan Customers with service fee payment by Autopay Customers with service fee payment not by Autopay
0 - 3 months $300 $200
4 – 12 months $800 $300
13 months or above $1,300 $800
* Customer can check the latest spending limit via the 1O1O app.
5. Customer may apply to us for review of the limit by calling our service hotline (2888 1010). The decision of CSL on the spending limit is final.
6. If a customer’s purchase amount exceeds the monthly limit, Service will be suspended until next calendar month.
7. CSL reserves the rights to update the spending limit regularly and without giving the customers any advance notice. The latest spending limit will be published at CSL website from time to time.
8. For technical support of MyCard, contact MyCard hotline at 23348869.
9. CSL reserves the right to change or terminate the service or these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. In the event of dispute, our decision shall be final.